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Website localisation


The Internet is a gigantic market, offering great opportunities for many companies. While German and English dominate many websites today, customers worldwide are insisting more and more on being addressed in their own language. The lack of localisation is even more striking in social media.

But simply translating texts is not all there is to it. The translated pages must come across culturally and linguistically as if they had been written in that language. Character encodings, data formats (HTML5, XML, DITA, multimedia etc.) and numerous technical aspects must be taken into consideration. There are also definitely advantages to working with a service provider familiar with semantic technologies and SEO. We can help you to set up special multilingual SEO dictionaries. You can also use the knowledge module of LookUp to develop attractive web content and offers for customers worldwide.

Do you use content management systems like TYPO3, WordPress, Drupal or Joomla! to manage your websites? Do you update contents regularly in 30 or more languages? D.O.G. GmbH has the experience and the tools to support you efficiently and painlessly in implementing your Internet strategy.