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Quality and proofreading


D.O.G. GmbH is certified in accordance with translation standard ISO 17100. All translations are cross-checked by D.O.G. GmbH proofreaders according to the Two-man rule. We check various aspects of translation including

Linguistic aspects:

  • Correct grammar and spelling.
  • Correct use of terminology.
  • Equivalence of terms in foreign languages.
  • Adaptation to country-specific practices and typography; correct sentence structure.

Technical and content-related aspects:

  • Technical correctness of the translated content.
  • Correctness of numbers and number formats.
  • Correct understanding of the text. Our engineers, lawyers, doctors, IT specialists and other professionals are available to support this process.

Technical aspects:

  • Links, coding of special characters, text length, program version.

ErrorSpy quality assurance software provides support for proofreading. This makes it possible to reliably ensure that nothing has been overlooked, especially in the case of extensive documentation and terminology.

Standard processes for quality checking are your guarantee that all translations have uniform D.O.G. quality. No matter whether the language is English, Polish, Turkish or Chinese.