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 Website translations​ 

Translation of your website with D.O.G. GmbH

The Internet is a huge market and offers great opportunities to many companies . Today, many websites are only available in German and English, while customers worldwide increasingly insist on being addressed in their own language. The lack of localization is even more visible in social media.

Short processing times

A website consists of a large number of individual pages, documents, modules and forms that must be localized in several languages. It is easy to lose track. In addition, manually copying individual topics for the translation process can take a lot of time.

Do you use content management systems such as TYPO3, WordPress, Drupal or Joomla! to manage your websites? Do you regularly update content in 30 or more languages? Then you can benefit from our experience and tools, which efficiently support you in implementing your internet strategy. We offer you fully automated processes via interfaces to your CMS: The content is exported from your CMS at the push of a button and translated using translation memory technologies. After translation, you receive the texts in such a way that they can be directly re-imported into your CMS. This saves a lot of time and is reliable. If you have commissioned an Internet agency to manage your content, we can work with them directly to optimise the localisation process together.

As a rule, online texts are regularly adapted and expanded. Because the translation of the previous version is stored in our translation database, updating translations is fast and cost-effective.

Technical translators from the target market

Many have made the experience: A foreign website offers a translation in English. The English content is grammatically correct, but still reads ‘funny’. The style is unusual, the choice of words is odd and sometimes statements or examples are strange because they address a reality that does not exist in your country. It is a great challenge to formulate translations in a way that the reader does not even notice that it is a translation.

For this reason, we have built up our network of translators in the respective target countries. They have, so to speak, their finger on the pulse of the target group, are familiar with the current language usage and culture of the target country and can possibly give feedback if a text is not appropriate.

Web pages that also function

But it is not enough with the pure translation of texts. Character encodings, data formats (HTML5, XML, DITA, multimedia …) and many other technical aspects can lead to the translated page not working. That is why you benefit from the fact that D.O.G. has its own IT department and employs programmers who are familiar with these challenges and can save you a lot of trouble.

Machine translations with and without post-editing

For some content or social media, machine translation can be a viable alternative. We can train translation engines for you with your own texts. This way we can identify and translate specific technical terms and phrases that you regularly use in your corporate language. Depending on the application model, you can use the results without post-editing (e.g. for timely translations in social networks) or with post-editing. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Multilingual SEO

SEO influences the success of your website not only on your own market, but also on all markets you want to reach. The keywords that you optimize for Google, for example, are not the same as the Russian keywords that bring your site to the forefront on Yandex.

That is why it is advantageous for you to work with a service provider like D.O.G. who is familiar with semantic technologies and SEO. We will help you to build special multilingual SEO dictionaries. The knowledge module of LookUp also enables you to develop attractive web offers for customers worldwide.

Our services at a glance:

  • Complete project management of the localization of your website in all commercial languages
  • A central point of contact
  • Possible direct coordination with your website service provider
  • Use of specialist translators from the target countries
  • Linguistic and technical quality assurance of translations
  • Extraction and maintenance of terminology
  • SEO-compatible optimization of translations for the respective markets
  • Update service for your content
  • Translation of graphics, videos
  • Use of machine translation for extensive content.
  • Research in the target countries by local translators, e.g. in China
  • Testing of the localized pages in the target countries


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