Technologies used

Technologies used

The technologies we use

Using technology to ensure quality and cut translation costs

Today, the use of translation technologies is state of the art. D.O.G. GmbH not only uses the very latest tools on the market, but also develops its own software products that optimize the work of translators and editors, setting new standards in the process.

Reducing costs while delivering quality – these two objectives are supported by the programs and tools we use regularly.

The D.O.G. GmbH team uses all translation technologies that are customary in the market such as Trados Studio (formerly SDL Trados Studio), Transit, across, and memsource, and all associated terminology systems: Multiterm, Termstar and crossTerm. We also use ErrorSpy, a market-leading quality assurance tool for bilingual translation files designed by D.O.G. GmbH, as well as our own terminology management software LookUp.

The technologies used as standard here at D.O.G. GmbH include:

Task Technologies
Translation Translation memory systems such as:
SDL Trados Studio
STAR Transit
Software localization SDL Passolo
Quality assurance ErrorSpy
Terminology management LookUp
SDL MultiTerm
Layout and text design Adobe FrameMaker
and many more.
Project management XTRF workflow system
Development Programming environments such as MS Visual Studio (C#, C++)
Python, Perl, Java
Databases such as MS-SQL
Special software (such as the Oxygen XML Editor)


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