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Training, workshops and webinars

D.O.G. GmbH regularly organises webinars, courses and workshops. This training is always practically oriented, teaching know-how gained from many years of experience in industry that can be put to use at once. Some topics we regularly offer include:

Translation quality: Standards, methods and tools

You will learn how to define and measure quality. You will become familiar with methods and tools to detect errors, even in unknown languages. You will also learn valuable tips to optimise your texts for translations.

Translator-oriented writing

You will learn how you can cut costs with translation-oriented documentation. Practical tips for practical applications:

Practical applications for terminology work

In this workshop you will learn how to extract, organise and use terminology. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to set up a small terminology using simple resources.

Translation management – organising and monitoring multilingual projects

With growing requirements for documentation and new languages, antiquated processes eventually reach their limits. You will learn how efficient translation management helps to save a lot of time, how to achieve more with existing resources, and how to ensure a uniform quality level.

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