Quality assurance of post-editing

 Quality assurance of post-editing​ 

Quality assurance of post-editing

Machine translations are becoming increasingly important. As a matter of principle, we will not use a machine translation system (MT system) without the knowledge of our customers.

Today’s state-of-the-art solutions include Neural Machine Translation Systems (NMT systems), which make different errors than human translators or rule-based or statistical MT systems.

Post-editing ultimately decides how successfully machine translation can be used. Too much work destroys the economic and time advantages of MT. Too little effort increases the risk of error and can lead to serious errors.

Post-editing is a skill that must be learned. It is a specialization that is different from editing human translations.

Post-editing according to ISO 18587

The ISO 18587:2018 standard, which defines the requirements for the revision of machine translation, distinguishes between two levels of post-editing: light post-editing and full post-editing.

With light-post-editing, the post-editor must correct errors in content, such as misunderstandings, numbers or incorrect information. But it is not intended to eliminate all syntax errors as long as they do not distort the meaning of the sentence. The goal is an understandable text, which does not necessarily have to reach the quality of a human translation.

In the case of the full post-editing, the aim is to achieve a translation of similar quality to that of a human translator.

The ISO 18587:2018 standard stipulates that post-editors should have the same qualification as technical translators as defined in ISO 17100.

Training post-editors

It is not easy for a post-editor to quickly decide what to take from the machine translation and what to correct. It takes several months for a post-editor to achieve the desired performance. On average and depending on the quality of the MT output, a post-editor can correct about 7000 words per working day.

We support our post-editors and give them feedback on the results of their work. Post-editors gradually learn the specific mistakes MT systems make with certain topics, customers and types of text and, over time, deal with machine-translated texts in a much more targeted manner.

We provide our post-editors with our quality assurance software ErrorSpy, which has its own editor for corrections and automatically detects and displays a variety of errors such as consistency errors, numerical errors or terminology errors.

Residual risk

Despite all the quality assurance measures and technologies, there is a residual element of risk associated with machine translations + post-editing. Some machine translations appear so good that the post-editor can read them too quickly. If the statement is wrong, if a critical word is missing or a homonym is misinterpreted, errors can be overlooked.

The D.O.G. solution for you

We can offer you machine translations + post-editing or post-edit machine translations that you have created yourself. If such projects take place on a regular basis, then we will discuss with you in advance aspects such as your quality criteria, the possibilities for optimizing the source texts, the special domain terminology to be used or the processes for improving machine output (feedback from post-editing).

Our services for you are:

  • Providing a team of experienced post-editors according to the ISO 18587 standard for your target languages
  • Creating guidelines for carrying out post-editing according to your specifications
  • Compiling your special domain terminology in LookUp with access for you
  • Use of our quality assurance software ErrorSpy, which guarantees greater reliability of our corrections.


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