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Translation services

Integrated solution for your translation management


"I need a price quote fast. The translation is urgent."

"How do I know if the translation service is professional?"

"Can I rely on the promised delivery dates?"

These are some of the questions everyone asks when looking for a language service provider. For more than 20 years, D.O.G. GmbH has been delivering professional translations in all world languages in high quality, on time and at competitive prices. A look at our references confirms the high level of customer satisfaction.


Quick price quote for your translations
We will provide you with a price quote at short notice with a guaranteed delivery time, and check what cost savings are possible, for example by using translation programs. If you are in a hurry, you will have a complete price with a delivery date in less than half an hour. If you need translations on a regular basis, we will agree with you on transparent translation prices with billing per word (word rate with graduated prices). For some types of text, we can arrange automatic translations in combination with post-editing by specialists. This reduces your translation costs.

Urgent translations
Sometimes you need a translation very quickly. Tell us your preferred deadline. Our regular customers appreciate our flexibility. If the processing time is short, we always find a solution. For urgent jobs, we can, for example, form teams of specialist translators, plan a weekend shift or machine translate (after consultation) and post-edit afterwards.

Guaranteed quality
In accordance with repeated audits, we have been certified according to the ISO 17100 standard. These audits confirm that all translations are carried out according to the dual control principle by verifiably trained and experienced professional translators. Quality assurance is supported by our ErrorSpy review software. We regularly maintain our clients' terminology and translation memories.

Many companies lack any system of centralized translation management. This makes it difficult to maintain an accurate overview of all translation tasks. Due to the decentralized organization of translations, synergy effects in the production of translations are not exploited. This means that significant potential savings remain untapped. The consolidated costs for foreign languages can reach six to seven-figure amounts depending on the size of the company. But not only the costs are important. The image of your company abroad, communication with your customers, authorities or business partners can suffer because translations come from different sources and are produced without a system and standards.


Translations generate language data such as translation memories or terminology. Many companies do not know how to harness these resources. They are valuable assets that can be used for a number of other tasks, such as training a machine translation system or chatbots.

To stay ahead in global communication, you need a technical infrastructure and an experienced central translation service provider that can do more with your past projects and data.


We help you exploit your savings potential

Naturally, unit prices are an important part of any purchasing strategy and must be in line with the market. Often, however, the greatest savings are to be found elsewhere: in technologies, in processes, in the standardization of procedures, in communication, etc.

We help you to identify and exploit these savings opportunities. Together with you, we implement a solution tailored to your situation. We bring over 20 years of know-how and a team of translation production specialists, programmers, data science experts or translators and linguists. We review existing processes and make suggestions. The result is usually a centralized translation management system that runs via our customer portal and, in addition to the simple processing of your orders, provides you with comprehensive reports on projects, deadlines and expenses at any time.

You can place your translation orders and send inquiries via the translation portal. You always have access to a comprehensive and detailed overview of your projects and expenses: by language, department, period, etc.


The D.O.G. solution at a glance

Whether you want a technical operating manual in English, your website SEO-compatible in 20 languages or an app in Chinese ... we at D.O.G. are here for you.

We approach every order - whether large or small - professionally. However, our focus is not merely on individual orders but on establishing a partnership with you from which you benefit.

This means that you are allocated a permanent contact person who knows you and your needs. With our relational terminology management system LookUp, we compile multilingual special domain terminology for your products and services, to which you can also have access ... including via our mobile app.

We use the appropriate translation memory technologies such as SDL Studio or Across and handle the update service for your documentation in multiple languages.

We help you to optimize processes and we develop tools and applications that will impress you.

Quality is a top priority for us. In 2019, we were certified for the third time according to the important quality standard ISO 17100. We work according to the dual-control principle: Everything that leaves our company is checked and revised. Back in 2003, we developed ErrorSpy, which has since become the most powerful quality assurance software for translations.

In addition to human translations, we offer machine translations with or without post-editing. If the need arises, we will train a translation engine specifically with your data so that we take your corporate language and terminology into account.


Working with D.O.G: How do you benefit?

  • Minimal administrative effort for your translations. We coordinate and support individual technical translators, revisers and post-editors as well as IT specialists.
  • Higher standards in terms of quality, processes or programs used
  • Reduced workload for necessary tasks such as terminology, qualification of new translators, database maintenance or archiving
  • Only a single contact for all translations: Reliable control of your individual processes via a workflow system. You have access via our customer portal.
  • Use of state-of-the-art technologies such as ErrorSpy, the market-leading quality assurance software for translations
  • Online access to your special domain terminology via the terminology platform LookUp
  • Central archive of your translated documentation
  • Extensive translation resources for all special languages and technical challenges
  • Centralized maintenance of translation memories and terminology
  • Overview and control of all costs


You will find more information about individual services and products on the following pages:



“D.O.G. GmbH has been our proven and reliable partner for more than ten years for all kinds of translations into more than 60 language combinations. Our translation orders are processed by the project managers swiftly, smoothly and with due care. Even large volumes, complex orders and short turnaround times are dealt with professionally at all times.”


SMS group GmbH - Isabel Baumgardt, Nadja Gluch - Translation Services Hilchenbach (IQT)



“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. – Stephen Hawking
We have been working with D.O.G. in technical documentation for many years now. We particularly appreciate the competence and friendliness, wide-ranging language range and flexibility adopted to support us, including in respect of extraordinary projects, by way of creative solutions. The close collaboration in terminology management and the execution of our orders extend far beyond merely processing the work on hand. We look forward to the further collaboration and the opportunity to grow with the tasks.”


AVAT Automation GmbH - Martina Richter - Technical Documentation



"A few years ago we faced the overwhelming task of putting a terminology management system for the KRONE machine factory in place for the first time. In that respect we attached importance to having a tool which can be ideally integrated in the work processes, with which we can establish a data model based entirely on our own requirements, easily administer the data stock and enter new terms . In addition, use of the terminology was to be extended to as many people as possible within the company and, for example, was to be made accessible to our dealers worldwide via the internet. The LookUp terminology administration tool enabled us to put all these requests into practice. LookUp showed us that the huge undertaking of managing terminology was very much doable.”


Maschinenfabrik Bernard Krone GmbH & Co. KG - A. Siegler, M.A. - Technical Services Section



“We were very happy with the translation of the Data Protection Policy. We also found the timely delivery very helpful.”


B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH - Nikola Strack - Marketing


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