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Translation of technical documentation

Do you need operating manuals, training material, data sheets, machine software texts, circuit diagrams, article master data etc. in English, Chinese or Turkish? Do you have texts that are completely new and sometimes just need updating?

Do you ask yourself where you can find a suitable specialist translator and how you can be sure that translation will be correct afterwards? It is indeed difficult to check whether the service provider that promises perfect, inexpensive and on-time translations can actually do so – and on an ongoing basis. More than 20 years of translation work with a focus on technology as well as satisfied customers are the proof that you can rely on us. That is because reliability and quality are no coincidence. Behind it all are a team, technologies and a system that guarantee optimal processing of your projects at fair prices.

Whether we are translating new documents or updating existing ones, we handle your translation projects from start to finish, ensuring that your translation is not only linguistically correct but also accurate in terms of content and proofread according to the dual-control principle.

Translators specialized in technology

Technical translations can be very demanding and require good technical understanding and knowledge of the industry jargon. Anyone who is not familiar with sensors, probes, transmitters, detectors or transducers will have difficulty finding the right translation in their native language.

That is why we have a strict and proven procedure for selecting our specialist translators. We also document in accordance with ISO 17100 that they have the necessary experience and specialist training. Our translators translate into their mother tongue and have been working for us for several years, some even since the company was founded over 20 years ago.

Translation of your company’s technical documentation

In most cases, it is not sufficient to have a good understanding of a technical field such as mechatronics or communications engineering. Each company develops innovative products and processes, which it then describes using its own language and terminology. That is why we attach great importance to long-term cooperation. We make it our business to learn what your business does and develops, independently of individual projects. We ask questions about unclear issues in projects and collect feedback in our terminology management system LookUp or in work instructions. This increases our specific knowledge about your company's products.

Before entering into cooperation, we evaluate available information and documents in order to familiarize ourselves with the specifics of your company as quickly as possible. We have standard procedures for this and use our own semantic technologies that help us to gain a quick overview. Therefore, we can guarantee you a very short familiarization period. Some customers give us the opportunity to learn about their products on site – something which we very much welcome as it is in our common interest.

Find out more about LookUp


Terminology work for better translation quality

Terminology work has always played an important role since the foundation of D.O.G. In the German or English language, there is often more than one way to name a technical term: A control console could also be a control desk or a control panel. The same is true of foreign languages. Systematic terminology work is necessary to avoid incorrect translations and to ensure consistent designations across all languages.

Terminology work is also collaborative work. We strongly believe that everyone involved in the creation and processing of information can pool their know-how and benefit from it. With this in mind, we offer our customers the opportunity to work together on the development of the terminology and to record the terminology in our web-based LookUp system. Definitions, illustrations, and translations are then available to everyone.

In today's age of digitalization and AI systems, terminology is also used by machines. Here you can benefit from our unique relational terminology system, which can exchange data with your AI applications, for example, to provide semantic information about key terms.

Find out more about terminology solutions

Our areas of competence

Over the years we have acquired specialist knowledge in the following areas:

  • Mechanical engineering, automation technology, materials handling
  • Measurement and control technology, electronics, telecommunications
  • Software, machine software
  • Medical technology, pharmaceuticals
  • Chemistry
  • Finance, contracts, patents
  • Telecommunications

Furthermore, we are always able to find and deploy suitable specialist translators for new technical topics. Talk to us. We will provide you with impartial information about our capabilities.

Direct from your authoring system

Whether you use TIM-RS, Schema ST4, COSIMA, GDS docuglobe or another authoring system or one of the many DTP systems such as InDesign, FrameMaker, we deliver technically and linguistically perfect files that you can use on your system.


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