Your partner for the Chinese market

 Your partner for the Chinese market​ 

Translations German to Chinese and vice versa

China is one of the largest economies in the world and thus also presents huge growth opportunities for German industry. Many German companies cooperate with partners in China and sell their machines, products or cars there. Chinese companies are also active in Germany.

However, the language, culture and structure of society often present a barrier that is difficult to overcome. That is why D.O.G. GmbH has bundled its resources for the Chinese market and established a “China Competence Center”, where Chinese employees advise our customers. It offers you a complete service covering all aspects of the future market that is China.

Higher quality requirements

The myth that quality is not important in China and that cheap translations are the rule no longer exists. Chinese customers and consumers have become more critical and expect top quality.

It is not always easy for German clients to tell whether a Chinese translation was produced using Google Translate or by a reputable specialist translator. Many technical translators for technology are career changers and do not have a good grasp of all the nuances of German technical language. Not every translator can easily tell the difference between the German words for “contactor” and “protection” (“Schütz” and “Schutz”) or know at first glance what the German abbreviation SPS (i.e. PLC) stands for. Examples such as the automatic translation of “Maschine Ein” (“machine on”) as “Machine Number 1” demonstrate how dangerous such unchecked translations can be. It can take a long time to repair a company image that has been damaged by poor translations.

Special features of the Chinese language

The Chinese language operates very differently to the German language. Context plays a major role. Especially with technical terms, the translator must understand exactly what a component does or what it looks like in order to find the appropriate words and characters. The reason for this is that each technical term is in itself a small definition. For example, the word “waste water”(废水) consists of the signs 废 (waste) and 水 (water). The situation is further complicated by the fact that it is not always so easy to access reference material and background information on the device, the machine or certain directives from Germany (or the EU) in China.

Since the number of translators who are proficient in German is not very large, many German companies use English as an intermediate language. Experience has repeatedly shown that there are also differences in content and terminology between a German and English version. This can lead to problems during proofreading of a translation if the proofreader and translator are working from different language versions.

All-round service for you:

We have been handling projects in Chinese for over twenty years. We have qualified translators with several years of professional experience and we use bilingual Chinese proofreaders who are familiar with the specifics of German technical language, which is especially important in relation to Chinese translations.

Our standard services include:

  • Translations of instructions, contracts, marketing material
  • Translation of business cards
  • Localization of websites and software
  • Search for information in Chinese media
  • Creation of your company terminology in Chinese
  • Intercultural training and language courses


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