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Code of Conduct


  1. Respect: We treat employees, partners and customers equally and with respect, regardless of their nationality, gender, age or financial standing.

  2. Reliability: We do not promise anything we cannot deliver.

  3. Quality: We use only translators and specialists who have suitable qualifications and experience and continuously develop their linguistic and specialist expertise.

  4. Working conditions: We create optimum working conditions for translators that enable them to produce high-quality results.

  5. Openness: We discuss all questions related to collaboration openly and honestly. We never deliberately pass on false information.

  6. Confidentiality: We treat all information confidentially. That applies for example to projects we handle for competing companies.

  7. Fees: We pay fair rates for services, calculate them correctly and expect the same of our clients.

  8. Payment: We pay our translators punctually.

  9. Laws: We comply strictly with legal requirements.

  10. Principles: We only translate materials that are not racist and do not disparage human dignity.