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Fast and cost-efficient online store translation

Catalog and eCommerce Translation

You want to sell your products with a catalog or through an online store. Over 75% of your potential customers abroad will only buy products from websites or catalogs written in their own language. We can help you with your webshop translation and with the localization of your content.

The challenges: Time and cost

Since catalog production or e-commerce database localization requires high investments, the content should be available to your foreign customers as quickly as possible, for the saying “time is money” applies here more than ever. For this, you need a reliable partner who has the resources and technical means to produce your content quickly, accurately and at competitive prices. Mistakes in selecting a partner can be very costly here. No one wants to lose time and subsequently pay extra costs for corrections or repairs.

Translation in all languages
We translate into all languages

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Our solution for you

Complete solution for an efficient localization of your web store

D.O.G. GmbH has developed special procedures for the translation of catalogs and e-commerce applications.

1. The right translators for your content:

Experienced spacialized translators for product descriptions and, if necessary, translators specialized in advertising language for promotional content.

2. The right technologies:

  • Our terminology management system LookUp for building and managing your product terminology. Identical products are translated consistently. Your foreign sales offices can access the terminology and make any changes or pre-define translations before your web content is translated. This saves costs and time.
  • Our quality assurance software, ErrorSpy, ensures that the specified terminology is maintained across thousands of product names. It checks translations for consistency and numbers for accuracy, which is crucial for dimensions or order numbers.
  • Translation memory systems significantly reduce costs by creating translations once and reusing them. So you don’t pay twice for the expressions “socket pin 11 mm” and “socket pin 29 mm”.
  • Machine translation and post-editing: For some projects, machine translation in combination with post-editing is worthwhile. We have the necessary know-how and resources for this. We will be happy to advise you.
  • Our order processing system and customer portal ensure that we always keep track of the many individual work steps and that you are seamlessly informed about the progress of your project.

3. The right services:

  • Translation and localization of content
  • Testing of online shops
  • Foreign-language layout of catalogs up to the print-ready template
  • Terminology extraction and maintenance
  • Management of translation memories and update service for store or catalog content
  • Building machine translation solutions tailored to your products


Online stores that reach your target markets

Localization of web store content

The content of catalogs and e-commerce databases must be adapted to the realities of the target market. First of all, this concerns everything that is called “locales”:

In addition, we can check for you whether customers abroad can order your products without any problems:

Specialized translators working in country

SEO optimized translations for your target markets

SEO optimierte Übersetzungen

Network of translators abroad

We have a unique network of translators in the respective target countries who are familiar with the daily aspects of processing e-commerce transactions or can request information locally in individual cases. Which parcel services are common in the respective country, what expectations does the end customer have for the processing of an e-commerce purchase, etc.? These are all questions that we can research for you on site.

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