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As an innovative company that has been thinking outside the box ever since it was founded and keeps an eye on the overall processes of information production, we are the right contact for you when it comes to optimizing processes or introducing new technologies.

D.O.G. GmbH has more than two decades of experience in implementing practical and result-oriented solutions in the field of technical communication and translation. During this time, we have experimented with processes and technologies and developed innovative solutions that help us stay one step ahead.

We have also shared our experience by teaching at various academic institutions in the country and abroad. This ensures that we are constantly learning and expanding our knowledge and expertise.

With our consulting services, you can benefit from our accumulated experience. We support you in implementing innovative solutions that help you achieve the results you are looking for.

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Our consulting approach
Our consulting in four steps

We stay in close contact with you throughout the whole process to ensure that your needs and goals are met. We also advise you on how to best use your existing resources and point out any potential risks or challenges. We believe our collaborative approach is the best way to deliver successful results. We are committed to providing you with the best possible service and strive to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Each client is unique, but in general we start with the following four steps:

Stocktaking and analysis

We start by gathering information about your current situation, goals and challenges. This may include in-depth interviews, research and analysis of existing documents, and other methods


We then develop a set of recommendations to help you achieve your goals


We then work with you to develop an implementation plan that includes milestones and a budget. We also advise you on how to successfully implement this plan.


We monitor the progress of the implementation plan to ensure that the desired results are achieved

Result oriented consulting

This is how we support you in consulting projects

Mitarbeiter Workshops

Employee workshops

When it comes to new organizational projects, it is very important to get people on board. There are traditional processes that people are reluctant to give up. There are new ideas that bring about change and thus cause fear or resistance. That’s why we organize workshops in close collaboration with project management.

Workshops are an effective way to get people involved, build trust and drive projects and initiatives forward. When done right, they can create an environment of collaboration and open dialogue that can help overcome mistrust and achieve a common goal.

We set clear goals, timelines and expectations at the beginning of the workshop so that everyone involved can stay on track.

In the workshops we organize, we ensure an atmosphere of openness and trust. This means that we encourage all participants to actively participate, create a safe space for expressing opinions, and listen to all points of view. It also means that we focus on solutions, not problems, and give participants the support they need to develop creative solutions and ideas.

In workshops, we use techniques such as brainstorming, role-playing, and team-building exercises that contribute to the success of the workshops.

Finally, follow-up measures are important to ensure that the ideas and solutions discussed during the workshop are actually implemented.

Evaluation of the current state

A precise and thorough analysis is absolutely essential for any consulting project aimed at improving a situation or process.

For example, optimizing the translation process in a company can be a challenging task. Our approach in this case would be to focus on reducing production costs, shortening production time, and introducing better processes and possibly technologies.

To make informed suggestions, we evaluate current processes in detail and look for ways to reduce unnecessary expenses. We look at the entire workflow and analyze the tasks, resources and technologies used. We look at the time required for each step, the cost of each step, and the accuracy and consistency of translations and databases, such as translation memories and terminology databases. But we also look at what happens before a translation begins, analyzing the source documents, their characteristics, and the process that leads to a translation request. We also examine the tools and technologies used and identify where improvements can be made.

We use a number of metrics to evaluate current processes, including quality and accuracy, cost, and time. These or similar metrics are also used later to measure the success of an action plan, such as reduced production costs, reduced production time, and improved processes.

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Introduction to machine translation
Is machine translation with post-editing worth it?

Many companies wonder whether MT is a viable alternative for their texts. This is one of our typical consulting topics. Here are some of the questions we would answer:

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Questions about the consulting services of D.O.G. GmbH
How neutral is your advice?

Consulting is always a question of trust. Indeed, one may wonder whether a service provider that also offers translations or develops software itself is truly neutral. We strictly adhere to the ethical values that we have enshrined in our Code of Conduct ( This includes, among other things, never badmouthing competitors, spreading false information or fabricating it in order to win business. The fact that we translate ourselves or develop tools such as LookUp or ErrorSpy is actually an enrichment of our consulting services, because practical experience with procedures or solutions brings decisive advantages in consulting. Whether selecting service providers or technologies, you always get from us an objective and verifiable description of the alternatives.

Is the information from the consulting activity treated confidentially?

It goes without saying that we are given access to confidential information as part of a consulting project. We also develop findings and proposals within the scope of consulting services that are sensitive and provide you with competitive advantages. We commit ourselves to the highest level of confidentiality and are happy to sign appropriate agreements. Even after a consulting project has been completed, the information remains confidential unless you have expressly permitted us to communicate about consulting projects for advertising purposes.

How much does a consulting service cost?

The cost of management consulting can vary widely depending on the scope and type of consulting as well as the billing model. We use two approaches to pricing: project billing and hourly billing.

Project billing:The practice of many long-running projects shows that it is difficult to make very accurate and reliable cost estimates for such projects without knowing the company and its characteristics well. Nevertheless, sometimes there are situations when a fixed price is required. In such a case, as in software development projects, the specification is crucial. In a preliminary analysis, the scope of the consulting service and the consulting services to be provided are described in detail, and it is within this framework that the consulting service is provided. For smaller, more manageable projects, on the other hand, consulting on a fixed-price basis makes sense and is easily feasible.

Billing on an hourly basis:this is the most common billing basis for us. At the beginning of a consulting project, we jointly estimate the scope of consulting services. The consulting hours are recorded at regular intervals and can be viewed by the client. The service is then billed at regular intervals (e.g. monthly). The customer is not bound and can terminate the project at any time.

Tailored advice on your topics

For efficient solutions in the translation process

Here is a selection of topics we can advise you on:

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