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Our translation prices

Translation prices

We can assure you that our prices for translations are very competitive. D.O.G. GmbH has been on the market for over 20 years and is a serious, reliable translation agency that does not quote fantasy prices or promise the blue sky. We know the market prices very well and always strive for long-term cooperation with our clients. This only works if the prices and the service are reasonable.

Quick translation offer

You will receive a qualified offer within a short time if you send us your request, preferably using the form on this page. We need the following information for a qualified offer:

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How is a translation price calculated?

Thecost of good professional translations depends mainly on four factors:<br>

Berücksichtigung von Wiederholungen

Taking repetitions into account

When calculating the translation volume, we take into account all repetitions or possible translations from previous projects. Repetitions within a document are called “repetitions”. Each repetition is calculated only once. When taking over existing translations from previous projects that you have handed over to us, we speak in technical jargon of “100% matches” or “context matches” or even “fuzzy matches” if the sentences are very similar. This kind of savings is only possible if, in the case of long-term cooperation, we store all the translations we produce in a database. This is the basic principle of translation memory systems (also called translation memories or CAT tools)


Technical complexity

Sometimes additional effort is required, for example, when text needs to be extracted from videos or graphics files for translation. Or when the foreign language version of a video needs a voice-over. For IT-related work, there are many examples: formatting a previously scanned document, or limiting the length of the translation to fit machine displays, etc.

Technischer Aufwand
Fristen und Bearbeitungszeiten

Deadlines and processing times

If you have a compellingly tight deadline, one of the things we can do is to resort to special technologies such as machine translation or to organizational measures such as weekend work or assigning the translation to a number of specialized translators.

Special requirements

Finally, you may have special wishes or requirements. For example, the translation may need to be not only certified, but also notarized. Or it may be that we have to send the translation to your foreign branch for proofreading prior to delivery.

Besondere Anforderungen
Wie Sie Preise richtig vergleichen und Geld sparen

How to compare prices correctly and save money


You have to be careful when comparing prices. Many online calculators for translations (translation calculator online, online price calculator for translations, quote calculator) look good at first glance. However, very often there is a very simple calculation method behind it: Words multiplied by word price = price of translation. Since your text usually contains repetitions, these are not taken into account in such a calculation. In cases where translations are regularly ordered, over time a not inconsiderable proportion of hits (so-called matches) from the database arise from previous translations. We at DOG always take into account the repetitions and matches so that you get a fair price for your translations.

Competitive prices

We offer our clients very competitive prices and look for the production variant that is most beneficial for the client. Our offer includes all possible cost savings and discounts for text redundancies or for already translated texts from previous translation projects. We also offer volume discounts for larger projects. Our main interest is to have satisfied customers for whom we have the pleasure to work on a long-term basis.

Wettbewerbsfähige Preise

Our scope of services

Our services are not limited to pure translations. On our SERVICES page you can see in detail how D.O.G. GmbH can support you. We offer the following services:

Framework agreement, processes and technologies

However, if you take a longer-term view of your translation costs, i.e. over a period of one, two or more years, the word price is only one of many factors that influence your translation budget.

The translation processes (e.g. automation via customer portal), the technologies used, the possible use of machine translation for certain situations and project types, the quality and scope of your translation and terminology databases and much more can significantly reduce your translation costs.

Preise Rahmenvertrag, Prozesse und Technologien

That is why it makes sense to work with a translation partner who is a technological leader and has more than 20 years of experience. We can discuss your situation and your needs in a no-obligation meeting (online if you wish) and determine the best possible strategy.

We are happy to define the cost parameters (hourly rate, word price, modalities for repetitions) and other criteria (quality, processes, confidentiality) in a framework agreement with more favorable conditions, so that each project does not have to be quoted separately.

Contact us!

We can very quickly discuss in a non-binding online meeting what optimization potential exists and what we can achieve together. The proof of the pudding is in the eating! You will be surprised!

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Cost reduction through collaboration

In a long-term partnership, the focus is on processes, efficiency and technologies. This is the key to sustained cost reduction.

Why choose D.O.G. GmbH?

Contact us! In a non-binding online consultation, we will discuss what optimization potential exists in your company and what we can achieve together. The proof of the pudding is in the eating! You will be surprised!

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