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ErrorSpy, the quality assurance software from D.O.G. GmbH

Cutting-Edge automated quality assurance of your translations

The quality assurance software for translations

Welcome to ErrorSpy, the pioneering quality assurance software for translations continuously developed by D.O.G. GmbH since 2003.

With decades of experience in the translation and localization industry, our software has been meticulously designed to assist revisers in their work. ErrorSpy automatically checks translations for various features, ensuring the highest quality standards are met.

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“Our revisers no longer want to work without ErrorSpy during QA.”

– Norbert Grabowski, Head of Software Development

The intelligent quality assurance software for translations

Including quality report and quality assessment of your translations

Ensure translation quality with ErrorSpy

ErrorSpy is powerful, automated quality assurance software designed to improve translation accuracy. Using objective and customizable criteria, ErrorSpy produces comprehensive evaluation reports and error analysis for translation reviewers. It follows SAE J2450 standard metrics and provides effective and reliable translation quality assessment. With ErrorSpy, you can confidently evaluate translations and identify potential errors for correction.

How ErrorSpy Works

The process of using ErrorSpy is straightforward: First, the software reads the file that needs to be checked. Then, the reviewer sets the specific review criteria, and ErrorSpy identifies and reports any potential errors found within the file.

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What does ErrorSpy check?

A number of features can be checked with ErrorSpy:

Terminology check

ErrorSpy uses a bilingual terminology to check the translator’s compliance with the prescribed terminology. The complexity of ensuring terminology compliance for 1000 terms and 200 pages might raise questions about its feasibility; however, ErrorSpy handles this task efficiently. The software also considers multiple forms of a word (e.g., the genitive ‘s’) and detects inconsistent translations for a term. The software also works bidirectionally and can also check whether a recognized term in the target language matches an expected term in the source language.

Typographic test

ErrorSpy checks the correctness and country-specific conformity of typographic characters, including quotation marks. It also scans the text for incorrect spaces and ensures that all parentheses are correctly set and balanced.

Consistency check

ErrorSpy accurately records all source language sentences or segments that are identical. If translations for these segments vary, the system notifies the reviewer of these inconsistencies. With the introduction of the partial consistency check feature, ErrorSpy is now capable of ensuring that similar sentences receive similar translations.

Number check

Number errors can be significant in any quality assurance process. ErrorSpy performs effective checks to confirm the correctness and correspondence of numbers in the source and target languages. This includes checking that decimal points conform to standard specifications and ensuring correct formatting for specific number types such as dates or phone numbers.

Completeness check

ErrorSpy verifies the completeness of translations. It allows users to establish specific limits for overly lengthy or brief translations, and highlights segments that fall outside these defined boundaries. In addition, ErrorSpy can detect sentences that were forgotten to be segmented when working with a translation memory system.

Tag check

Various file formats incorporate tags, which can be deleted, modified, or misplaced during the translation process. Our automated quality assurance software, ErrorSpy, promptly identifies and reports all segments containing such tag anomalies. It further offers a customisable feature enabling users to exclude specific tags from the review. An instance of this might be excluding tags related to conditional word hyphenation, which are frequently obsolete in the translated version.

Acronym check

A common error stems from incorrect usage of acronyms. ErrorSpy provides a feature that allows users to specify acronym patterns, such as an order number, and verify their correct translation in both languages.

Custom checks

If you want to perform special checks, you can define them using regular expressions. You can save these definitions under a name of your choice and reuse them.

Context check

ErrorSpy uses LookUp Context Maps to detect the context of terms and check for correct translation. This helps to avoid errors. For example, you can check that the German term “Leistung” is correctly translated into English as “output” rather than “power” in the context of an assembly line. With ErrorSpy and LookUp, you can ensure accurate and context-sensitive translations.

Automatic corrections

ErrorSpy has a built-in automatic correction feature for certain types of errors. For example, ErrorSpy is able to automatically correct erroneous interface strings in software documentation if they are flagged as such. This is particularly useful for large software projects that are still being developed up to the last minute. ErrorSpy can also automatically correct certain typographical errors or consistency errors. The corrections are logged and can be undone at any time.

Exploring ErrorSpy: Your Essential Tool for Quality Assurance

How ErrorSpy can help you with quality audits

Automatic error reporting with ErrorSpy

Traditionally, translation evaluation has been a lengthy process. However, ErrorSpy streamlines this process. Our quality assurance software allows you to quickly evaluate translations and generate comprehensive reports.

ErrorSpy automatically generates a translation evaluation based on predefined criteria. At the same time, it generates a comprehensive error list that can be shared directly with the translator to provide unbiased, comprehensible, and objective assessments.

You can also set consistent quality standards using preset configuration files. ErrorSpy simplifies and streamlines the translation review process, saving you valuable time and improving the quality of your translations.

The reports generated by ErrorSpy are particularly useful during QA audits, as they provide evidence of rigorous translation quality checks.

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Kontextprüfung ErrorSpy

Context check for machine translation

Understanding context plays a vital role in machine translation (MT), and this is where ErrorSpy becomes indispensable. MT systems frequently have difficulty utilizing the most suitable translation for a given context.

Take the German word “Leistung” as an illustration. Its translation varies substantially depending on the context. In the instance of an engine, the apt translation would be “power“, indicating the power generated. When related to a pump, “capacity” would be a better choice, as it denotes the pumping volume in liters. In a situation where a machine churns out a certain quantity of screws per minute, “output” becomes the right translation.

This is the point where ErrorSpy steps in. Leveraging the contextual relations contained in the terminology [1], ErrorSpy can identify and amend incorrect MT translations within context. This significantly enhances the precision and quality of machine translations, thereby optimizing your translation processes. Utilize ErrorSpy for precision-oriented, context-specific translation to streamline your global communication.

[1] For more details on relations and concept maps see LookUp

Safety and quality through automated checks

Humans cannot always perform comprehensive checks accurately and quickly. However, with ErrorSpy, revisers can be confident that no detail has been overlooked. The software provides an automated review that performs comprehensive checks efficiently and accurately.

ErrorSpy proves particularly beneficial when large documents are processed under great time pressure. Such documents often contain translations created by multiple translators ( among other things, by reusing translations from the translation memory), making automated checks not only helpful, but essential.

ErrorSpy frees revisers from tedious and monotonous tasks, allowing them to focus on checks that require human intuition, cultural understanding, and contextual judgment. Automation not only minimizes errors, but also frees up more time for these important aspects of the review process.

With ErrorSpy, users have the confidence that both automated and human checks are being performed effectively. This blend of automated analysis and human expertise ensures that your translations meet the highest quality standards and frees up time for other important tasks.

Sicherheit und Qualität mit Errorspy
Unterstützte Datenformate von Errorspy

What file formats does ErrorSpy support?

Our automated quality assurance software, ErrorSpy, provides seamless integration of various file formats and tools into your review process. With ErrorSpy, you can import text files containing both the source and translation sentences on a sentence-by-sentence basis, using any separator character of your choice. Additionally, ErrorSpy offers the functionality to check your translation memories or translation projects, supporting formats such as Trados SDLXLIFF, TMX files, Memsource, Transit XV, Across, and XLIFF files.

When it comes to terminology checks, ErrorSpy offers extensive support for multiple file formats. You can effortlessly import terminology lists from Excel, CSV, Multiterm, TBX, and the LookUp terminology management system. This wide range of supported formats gives you the utmost flexibility in verifying your terminology, ensuring consistent and accurate usage throughout your translations.

With ErrorSpy, you can effectively perform quality assurance tasks by seamlessly integrating different file formats and tools into your workflow. Whether you need to review translations, translation memories, or terminology lists, ErrorSpy provides the versatility and functionality you require.

Custom configurations and checks with ErrorSpy

ErrorSpy lets you customize your quality assurance (QA) process with a range of functions that can be tailored to your project or customer requirements. Save time by creating and storing a unique configuration of QA parameters for each project, so you can quickly apply the right configuration when you need it. Improve collaboration between team members by easily exchanging configurations to foster teamwork and increase productivity.

One of ErrorSpy’s strong points is the ability to define your own checks using regular expressions. This means you can define precise validation criteria for your translations and flexibly adapt the quality assurance process to your individual needs.

One example is the compliance with Style Guidelines: If you have specific style guidelines for translations, regular expressions can assist in enforcing those guidelines. For example, you can create checks to verify consistent capitalization rules, punctuation usage, or adherence to specific style conventions.

ErrorSpy’s easy-to-use customization options enable you to streamline your QA process and improve the accuracy of your translation projects. These powerful features streamline your workflow and help you achieve excellent results.

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For translators, translation services and specialized departments

ErrorSpy is aimed at the following target groups:

How much does ErrorSpy cost?

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Two variants of our translation quality assurance software

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Do you want to automate your translation quality management?

ErrorSpy supports the work of reviewers and post-editors in many ways. ErrorSpy can be adapted to your individual requirements and integrated into your quality assurance processes. We would be pleased to advise you.

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