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Technical translators with additional qualification

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Translation specialists for your technical documentation

This is what our technical translators say:
"Technology: We live it, we love it!"

Highest precision and attention to detail are the hallmarks of mechanical and plant engineering. It is equally important that the translations of technical documents are always accurately translated into the target language. This is the only way to ensure that the machines and plants can be operated correctly at home and abroad. Errors in operation caused by an incorrect translation are thus avoidable.

D.O.G. GmbH offers professional and technically high-quality translations for mechanical and plant engineering.From the request for quotation to delivery, our competent and specially trained team will support you. D.O.G. GmbH is at your disposal with its expertise of more than 70 languages!

Specialized and standard-compliant translations for industry
Technical knowledge and understanding are extremely important for translations in the field of mechanical and plant engineering. Therefore, the translators of D.O.G. GmbH not only have mere linguistic qualifications, but also a high level of expertise in the respective fields. Our translators are regularly checked for their technical qualifications. As a translation service company that has been audited several times, D.O.G. GmbH can prove that the translators and internal staff have the necessary professional qualifications in accordance with the ISO 17100 standard.

Only translators who translate into their native language are used.

Translation of technical lieterature into all languages
We translate mechanical engineering texts into all languages

Operating instructions in French? EPLAN texts in Spanish? We will send you an offer within the shortest possible time.

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D.O.G. GmbH

A reliable partner for mechanical and plant engineering

D.O.G. GmbH offers professional translations for the engineering and plant construction industry. Our team supports you from the request for quotation to the delivery of the translation. D.O.G. GmbH translates technical documentation for mechanical and plant engineering and specializes in translations on the following topics or subject areas (excerpt):

Die Herausforderungen von Maschinenbau Übersetzungen
Translations for the mechanical engineering industry
The Top 4 Challenges

With the D.O.G. translation solution, you will overcome these four challenges:

  1. Time: Complex production processes with almost no time buffer. How can translations be provided on time before delivery?
  2. Quality: Innovative fields with a high level of specialized expertise. How can the content be translated technically correctly?
  3. Communication: Different cultures and traditions. How can content be communicated in an understandable way to foreign audiences?
  4. Costs: Many products with extensive documentation needs. How can the costs for regular translations into 30 or 40 languages be minimised?
Your questions - Our answers
How can translation costs be reduced?

There are several approaches to reducing translation costs in the mechanical and plant engineering industry. First, translation memory systems (called CAT tools or translation memories) store all translations in a database. Translated once – reused many times! In addition, some projects can be machine translated and then proofread (post-editing). Finally, authors can write their texts in controlled language, which ensures higher content reuse. These are just some of the possible cost-cutting measures. Get in touch with us! We will be happy to review with you all the cost reduction options for your translation needs.

How quickly can you familiarize yourself with our products?

German mechanical and plant engineering companies have an excellent reputation not least because their products are highly developed and unique. When translators are confronted with the text content for the first time, they have questions (if they work seriously). This may mean extra work for our clients. Over the years we have developed procedures for faster familiarization. We build a terminology database for the client’s products and services by evaluating reference material, public sources and, if available, submitted translation memories. We invest in long-term cooperation, drastically shortening the translators’ learning curve. At the same time, this process ensures high quality from the very beginning.

How do translations for mechanical and plant engineering differ from other types of translation?

In the case of specialized translations for mechanical and plant engineering, the translator must have a good technical understanding of the respective specialist topics from areas such as technical mechanics, design, materials or manufacturing processes. He or she must also have knowledge of technical documentation, product safety and the relevant industry standards and regulations.

What are the new developments in translations for mechanical engineering?

Here are some developments that we know from our practice and are pushing forward.

One rapidly growing trend relevant to technical translation in the engineering industry is the use of machine translation to reduce costs and improve the translation process.

Another development is the automation of the translation process. This allows companies to reduce the cost and time required for translation, as translation processes no longer need to be carried out purely manually.

One development with great potential is the use of machine learning to improve error detection and the quality of translations, especially machine translation. This will allow revisers or posteditors to improve the quality and efficiency of their work, as well as identify where errors occur and how to fix them.

Overall, the use of these new technologies enables companies to improve the quality and efficiency of their technical translations and reduce the cost of translation.

Why are consistent translations so important?

IEC/IEEE 82079-1 “Preparation of information for use (instructions for use) of products – Part 1 Principles and general requirements” is an important standard for technical writers and is logically of great importance in the field of mechanical engineering. A new version of this standard has been available since August 16, 2021.
One principle that receives a great deal of attention in this standard is the principle of consistency in the presentation of information. What applies to the German source text also applies to its translated version. That is why at D.O.G. it is always an aspect that our revisers particularly check.

Eine Präzise Fachsprache im Anlagebau
Why we place so much emphasis on terminology

Precise technical language guarantees better communication

What is a crumpet ring?

One of the greatest challenges for translators is to build linguistic bridges between concepts from different cultures and countries. Terminology work contributes to this.


Processing of translation projects

Our process for translations for the mechanical and plant engineering industry

For translations in mechanical and plant engineering, D.O.G. GmbH sets up a process to ensure a high quality standard while minimizing the processing effort:

Translation technologies in translation for mechanical and plant engineering

The world of technical translation in the field of mechanical and plant engineering has changed dramatically in the last decade with the advent of AI. The technologies being used today are:

  • Translation memory technologies
  • Machine translation technologies
  • Translation quality assurance or post-editing technologies
  • Workflow systems to automate project management
  • Technologies for extracting terminology and knowledge or information

We take quality at its word

Quality saves time and costs

Maschinenbau Übersetzungen in unterschiedlichen Formaten

Your content in different formats

You can give us your content in a variety of formats. We can take data from content management systems or editorial systems such as Schema ST4 or TIM-RS and return it to you in such a way that it can be imported directly into your respective system. This eliminates the additional step of preparing the data on your side.

If necessary, our DTP department adapts the layout of the translated files to the specifics of the target language: different text lengths, encodings, right-to-left languages such as Hebrew or Arabic and much more.

We can process special formats and encodings. From machine texts, software messages to PO or TEX files. Of course, if required, we make sure that display texts do not exceed the specified length – whether in characters or pixels.

Revision according to ISO 17100 for translations in mechanical and plant engineering

Incorrect information about the operation or maintenance of a machine can have far-reaching consequences. From damage to property to injury or danger to persons. That is why reliable quality control is so important.

What is checked? First and foremost, the language. Are there spelling mistakes, are the sentences grammatically correct, are the instructions consistently formulated and understandable? Have the numbers been transcribed correctly? And some other aspects.

Then there are data-related or layout-related aspects: Is the formatting correct, are tags possibly damaged?

Especially important is the correct understanding of the content and the consistent use of the right specialized terminology. In many cases, a translator cannot translate correctly if he or she does not understand what is involved. What is the difference between kinetic energy and potential energy or between torque and horsepower? If you don’t understand things like that, you will deliver incorrect translations.

D.O.G. GmbH is certified according to ISO 17100. The translations of D.O.G. GmbH are proofread according to the duel control principle to ensure a very high translation quality.

As a translation service provider, we are also responsible under the ISO 17100 standard for ensuring that employees receive continuous training.

Qualität bei der Übersetzung
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