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In 2020, 425.1 billion euros were spent on health care in Germany. This is equivalent to around 12.6 percent of GDP.

With the advance of digitalisation, and especially since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, the need for translations in the health and care sector has risen sharply. On the one hand, this can be explained by international cooperation and procurement measures in the health sector. On the other hand, our foreign fellow citizens need a lot of information in their respective mother tongues.

One of the most important aspects of health care for foreign fellow citizens is that information is translated accurately and understandably. Patients with a language of origin other than German should also have full access to prevention, anamnesis, diagnosis, therapy, rehabilitation and information. Relevant health information must be translated into the foreign language of the patient and accompanying family members. In the case of treatments and operations, the obligation to provide information is regulated by law: The information must be understandable for the patient (§ 630 e BGB: Aufklärungspflichten [Duty to inform]).

Professional staff in hospitals and other medical facilities also benefit from good translations. Hospital staff and nurses can communicate better with patients and operate medical equipment more safely when medical texts and other medical documents are translated with high quality.

When translating healthcare information, it is important to understand the cultural values and beliefs of the target audience. Accurate translations also help to promote understanding of health issues such as cancer screening or vaccination among different populations. This is an important task for many government agencies and institutions today.

Confidential or highly demanding content from fields as diverse as medicine, pharmaceuticals, law, and business, among others, must be translated on a regular basis. With the right translation strategy, you can successfully manage these tasks while keeping your costs down.

But there are some pitfalls you should be aware of. Read on to find out how D.O.G. GmbH can help you.

Translation into all languages
We translate into all languages

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D.O.G. GmbH

D.O.G. GmbH: A partner you can rely on

D.O.G. GmbH offers professional translations for the health and care industry. Our team is at your side from the moment you request a quote until the translation is delivered. D.O.G. GmbH specializes in translation services for the following healthcare organizations and institutions:

Herausforderungen im Gesundheitswesen meistern
Translations for the health sector
Four challenges for healthcare

With the D.O.G. translation solution, you will overcome these four challenges:

Questions about our translations
How much does a healthcare translation cost?

There are several factors to consider when calculating the cost of a translation project. Here are some of the most important aspects that influence the costs:

  1. the text to be translated, also called source text: the length of the source text, the complexity of the text to be translated and the subject of the translation.
  2. the degree of reuse in the translation text: the number of repetitions in the source text, either within the text or as reuse of translations from previous translation projects.
  3. The target language: Some languages are more difficult to translate than others.
  4. The translator: The translator’s experience, qualifications and expertise.
  5. The requirements: The client’s requirements, such as the deadline and special formatting requests.
How quickly will the translation be delivered?

A professional translator can translate around 2,000 words a day. But what if you want to get your translation done much faster? Fortunately, there are a number of ways to speed up the translation process. Translation memory tools reuse text that has already been translated. Another method ismachine translation combined with post-editing. In addition, translator teams can be formed to work together on a large translation project.

Which translators do we use for healthcare?

In the health and care industry, not only is very good knowledge of the target language and culture of the target country required. Soundmedical background knowledgeis also essential for high-quality translations. The specialist translators at D.O.G. GmbH therefore combine their linguistic qualifications with a high level of specialist knowledge and experience in the relevant areas of medicine and healthcare.

Wir machen medizinische Texte verständlich

Making medical subjects understandable

One of the biggest challenges for healthcare translators is making complicated medical terms understandable to people from different cultures and languages.

This is how we work

Processing of translation projects

Translation request

We analyze your texts and requirements.
We analyze your texts and requirements. We calculate the amount of work and take into account text repetitions. You receive a binding offer with price and processing time.

Project preparation

After placing the order, we prepare the project.
Once the order is placed, we prepare the project for the translators and extract the terminology.


Translators clarify questions about the content as needed.
During translation, translators clarify questions about the content as needed. After that, they deliver their translation.

Quality control

Checks are carried out according to the dual control principle.
Quality control is carried out according to the dual control principle. Feedback is provided to the translators.


After a final check, the project is delivered.
After a final check, the project is delivered.


The translation memories are updated.
The translation memories and terminology are updated.

Project management, optimized translation processes and customer portal

At the beginning of our relationship, D.O.G. GmbH will hold a planning meeting with you. As is standard practice at D.O.G. GmbH, we will define theprocesses for your translation projects together with you.

D.O.G. GmbH uses optimised processes for translations in the health and care sectors. This ensures high quality at minimal process costs:

Our technologies in translations for the healthcare industry

The right technology and workflows make all the difference in our healthcare translations.

Terminology Management

The language used in healthcare and nursing is highly specialized and contains a lot of jargon. Medical terminology, with its Latin and Greek roots, is precise and efficient, but only for those who know it.

Abbreviations like o. B. (without findings) are not obvious to the layperson. Some medical abbreviations are even ambiguous. The German abbreviation “Z.n. HWI” can mean “Zustand nach Hinterwandinfarkt (condition after posterior wall infarction)” or “nach Harnwegsinfekt (after urinary tract infection)”. It depends on the context. If the translator cannot recognise this, serious errors are possible.

Even “normal” words like “akut (acute)”, can be given a special meaning. In the language of medicine, it simply means “suddenly”.

One of the biggest challenges in translating health texts is the fact that many terms are used differently in certain regions or cultures. For example, terms such as “cancer” or “heart disease” may be defined differently in different countries. The terminology and treatment methods of the various medical disciplines can also differ. In order to communicate effectively in the field of health, a common terminological basis is necessary. That is why our specialized translators draw on various internationally recognised terminology databases, ontologies and reference taxonomies.

There is often more than one way to translate certain specialist terms. To ensure that the translations are consistent, we can create your own terminology for you in our terminology management system LookUp. This saves you time and the quality of the translations is sustainably improved. This is particularly advantageous for projects in which several people are involved.

We take quality at its word

Quality and time saving of translations

Quality management according to ISO 17100

When it comes to translations in the field of health and care, D.O.G. GmbH consistently pursues azero error strategy. It is inconceivable to us that even a minimal error rate of 0.05% or less is acceptable. After all, who can claim that it is okay if 0.05% of patients are harmed by translation errors?

We regularly check our translators for their professional qualifications. D.O.G. GmbH has been auditedseveral times according to thetranslation standard ISO 17100. We can prove that the professional qualifications of the translators and internal staff are met. We also provide continuous training for employees.

We only use translators who translate into theirnative language. For recurring orders, we usually useproven regular translators.

The translations of D.O.G. GmbH are proofreadaccording to the dual control principle. Our quality assurance software for translations ErrorSpy supports our quality checkers or revisers.

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Our references in healthcare

quality checked according to the dual control principle

We translate these texts in the field of health care

This is what we translate

We are specialized in

D.O.G. GmbH

The languages we offer

We also offer the reverse language combinations, e.g. Arabic-German.

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