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D.O.G Express-Service Nutzen

Express translations with quality guarantee

Use our express service

This page has been machine translated and post-edited. This page is an example of what machine translation and post-editing are capable of.

Fast translations - on time delivery

Translation agency for urgent translations

Who has never needed express translations? As the saying goes, devil take the hindmost. There are always situations when a translation is urgently needed. Preferably yesterday….

Of course, under normal circumstances, a specialized translator needs a certain amount of time to translate texts, research new terms, and proofread his translation.

For complex translation projects, where there are multiple files to be translated in multiple languages, and where there may be additional editing steps, some additional working time is required for organizing and coordinating the individual steps or for technical work.

Express translations by native speakers
We translate into all languages

Do you need an express translation? We will send you a quote within the shortest possible time. Send us your enquiry using this quote form.

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Express translation challenges

How we meet tight deadlines

Express translations with guaranteed delivery date

During the more than 20 years since D.O.G. GmbH was founded, we have received many a request with very short deadlines. And we are proud that we have met all promised delivery dates.

The fact that this has always worked out so far is no coincidence. It is because we have the right resources, processes and technologies to meet tight deadlines even under time pressure and still deliver good translation quality.

This expertise did not come about in a matter of months, but is based on years of experience. We have continuously optimized our processes.

What our translators can do

Over the years, we have built a solid base of professional translators with whom we provide translations in over 70 foreign languages.

All translators translate into their native language. We have agreements with many of these translators to handle very small orders or to translate rush jobs quickly and easily. In such cases, these translators are willing to work longer hours or to translate on weekends.

Deployment of translator teams for larger orders

One way to produce your translation job faster is to divide the scope among a team of 2 or 3 translators.

This makes it possible to translate a hundred pages in half the usual time, if necessary. At the end, the consistency of the translated text is checked.

Express translations in various language combinations

An excerpt from the languages offered

We offer express translations in 70 languages. Here are some of the most requested language combinations:

Processes and technologies for fast translations

Quality and time saving

Automatisierte, schlanke Prozesse

Automated, lean processes

Another way to speed up translations is to streamline processes and automate as many steps as possible. A typical use case, for example, is the translation of many very small text contents into several languages. For example, a customer may only need one or two sentences in 30 languages on the same day. This is where the lean processes we have set up take effect. The regular translators who specialize in such jobs automatically receive a notification and send their translations back after a short time.

Administratively, we combine such jobs into a single project with partial deliveries. These projects are billed once a month, for example. This reduces the administrative workload for both D.O.G. GmbH and the customer.

Technology: Machine translation and post-editing

Another way to produce larger projects very quickly is to use machine translation in combination with post-editing. This has proven itself in practice and is often a welcome solution when larger projects need to be translated very quickly. The quality level of neural machine translation systems has now improved significantly.

We subsequently use our quality assurance software ErrorSpy, which automatically detects a whole range of errors. When machine translations are regularly produced for a client, we record the terms relevant to this process in our terminology management system LookUp. This is because machine translation systems make certain mistakes that a human translator would never make. This also allows us to support the post-editing process and make it more reliable. We work compliantly with the ISO 18587 post-editing standard.

Maschinelle Übersetzung mit Korrekturlesen
Express-Übersetzung auf gleicher Qualität

Is quality falling by the wayside?

Despite tight deadlines, no translation leaves our house without quality control. With our standard procedures and the support of ErrorSpy, we can ensure reasonable, reliable quality control despite short delivery deadlines.

In the few exceptions where no quality control can be performed (no double-checking), this is always agreed with the customer in advance. There is then the possibility of a second delivery with normal quality control after the deadline.

Schnelle Zusage bei Express-Übersetzung
This is how it works
Commitment within one hour

Send your request toeiluebersetzung[at]dog-gmbh.deor write “Express translation” in the subject line of your e-mail. Attach the file to be translated or at least tell us the scope, file format, subject, language combination and deadline. In less than an hour you will receive a confirmation of the deadline with a cost estimate or, if necessary, an alternative proposal for the delivery date.

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These are some questions about rush translations
Doesn't quality suffer with rush translations?

If a product is to be created in significantly less time than usual, this cannot be done without certain compromises. This happens in all industries and for all types of products and services. For translations, express translation means that there is less time for research, for translation or for quality assurance. Nevertheless, on the one hand, there are means (tools, organization, methods) to ensure the necessary quality assurance, and on the other hand, there are minimum standards that we do not want to fall below. In a few special cases, a waiver of quality control can be explicitly agreed upon with the option to submit a checked version later. This must always be transparent. It should also only be done if you are aware of the risks involved.

Are express translations very expensive?

As a rule, express translations are more expensive than “normal” translations. Express translation can be about 20-30% more expensive, depending on how tight the deadline is and its impact on the project organization. Factors that make translation more expensive include the need to select a translator who charges higher fees, or the greater coordination effort (team of 2 or 3 translators per language), or even the need to work longer or on weekends.

However, there are some circumstances in which express translation can actually be cheaper. This happens when the project can be machine translated, whereas it would normally be done by a human translator. Since individual factors affect the price, there is no blanket answer to the above question. Of course, the goal is always to combine deadline and cost as favorably as possible.

In which situations are express translations required?

There is, of course, a whole range of possible situations. First of all, the classic case where, for whatever reason, the preparation of a translation has been forgotten and urgently needs to be made up.

The most common type of rush translation occurs in very complex customer projects whose progress depends on many tasks, including translation. This is the case, for example, in agile software development. Software strings need to be translated into software in multiple languages at shorter intervals.

Another common type of express translation is when companies participate in large tenders. They need every minute to work on their bid. They cannot afford to waste a lot of time on translations.

There are many other situations where express translation may be needed, but these are some of the most common. Express translations are available for small texts that need to be translated into one language, or for larger documents that need to be translated into many languages.

Express translations for your texts

We translate these texts

We offer express translations for various types of documents

Michael Gipperich - Kontaktperson

How soon do you need your translation?

Each case is unique. We have listed above the various options we have available to get your translation done faster than usual. Tell us how quickly you need your translation, and we’ll be sure to find a way to meet your deadline.

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