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Automated processes and innovative AI technologies

Translations from a service provider that develops software itself

The field of software and information technology has become one of the most important growth sectors worldwide in recent decades. To a remarkable extent, information technology plays an increasingly important role in the life of every individual. And this importance will most likely continue to grow.

It is extremely important to provide digital data in the respective language of the user. After all, in order to ensure the correct operation of software-based systems, a correct translation into the target language is always a mandatory requirement.


D.O.G. GmbH offers professional and technically high-quality translations for software and information technology.From the request for quotation to delivery, our competent and specially trained team will support you. D.O.G. GmbH is at your disposal with its expertise in more than 70 languages!

Specialized translations in the field of software and information technology

Technical knowledge and technical understanding are extremely important in translations in the field of information technology and telecommunications. Therefore, the translators of D.O.G. GmbH not only have purely linguistic qualifications, but also a high level of expertise in the respective fields. Our translators are regularly checked for their professional qualifications. As a service company that has been audited several times, D.O.G. GmbH can prove in accordance with the ISO 17100 standard that the specialist qualifications of the translators and internal staff are available and regularly checked.
Only translators who translate into their native language are used.

Translation into all languages
We translate into all languages

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Translations that will make your software a success

Translation services of D.O.G. GmbH

D.O.G. GmbH translates the following documents or text types for you:

Prüfservice für Übersetzungen
To help you achieve your goals
The top four challenges in software localization

As IT specialists, we solve these problems:

  1. The meaning of software texts is often abstract. With little context, they are difficult to translate. Experienced specialized translators and good communication are the solution.
  2. Tight deadlines. Translation memories (or software localization tools), machine translation or team building are the solution.
  3. Syntax of programming languages: it must not be touched. Service providers with programming skills know the danger and avoid mistakes.
  4. High localization costs. Experienced service providers with good processes and software know-how work efficiently and use cost-saving tools and scripts.


These questions are frequently asked for IT translations
What are the problems with translating right-to-left languages?

Languages that are translated from right to left often use different character sets than languages that are translated from left to right, which can cause problems in rendering the text correctly. One challenge is to ensure that the text flows in the right direction. This can be a challenge for layout professionals. One example is the position of images in the layout (different order). Another problem that can occur is formatting numbers correctly. All in all, with proper planning, attention to detail, and the right tools, it is possible to produce accurate, high-quality translations.

What mistakes are often made when translating software strings and manuals?

When translating software strings and manuals, it is important to avoid some common mistakes. One mistake is to translate the software strings in the software manual verbatim without checking the actual strings in the software. This can lead to errors and incorrect actions by the user. Another mistake is to delete or translate code, which can cause the software to malfunction. Also, it is important to use consistent translations for important keywords so that users can easily understand the software.

What do the locale parameters mean in software localization?

The locale parameters (“locales”) in software localization are the settings that govern the languages, regions and cultural conventions used by the software.
Some examples of these parameters are the settings for date and time, for currencies and number formats, or for sorting lists.

Systematische Terminologiearbeit in Informationstechnik
No experiments

Time-to-market is critical in software localization

An efficient localization process shortens your turnaround time and helps you recover your development and marketing costs faster.

This is how we work

Processing of translation projects

Translation technologies in translation for the field of software and information technology

There is often more than one way to translate certain technical terms. To ensure consistency in translation, we can create your own terminology in our terminology management system LookUp. This saves time and effectively contributes to the quality of information technology translations. This is particularly advantageous for projects involving several or many employees on your side.

The right technology and the right workflows make all the difference in our translations for the information technology and telecommunications sectors:

Our process for translations for the field of information technology and telecommunications

For translations in the field of information technology and telecommunications, D.O.G. GmbH uses a process to ensure a high quality standard while minimizing the processing effort:

Documentation or software strings

We translate most formats

Software- und Informationstechnik Übersetzungen in unterschiedlichen Formaten

Your texts and software in different formats

You can give us your content in a variety of formats. We can take the texts of your software documentation from content management systems or editorial systems such as Schema ST4 or TIM-RS and return it to you in such a way that it can be imported directly into your respective system. This eliminates the additional step of preparing the data on your side.

If necessary, our DTP department adapts the layout of the translated files to the specifics of the target language: different text lengths, encodings, right-to-left languages such as Hebrew or Arabic and much more.

We can process special formats and encodings. From machine texts, software messages to PO or TEX files. Of course, if required, we make sure that display texts do not exceed the specified length – whether in characters or pixels.

Revision according to ISO 17100 for translations in the field of information technology and telecommunications

D.O.G. GmbH is certified according to ISO 17100. The translations of D.O.G. GmbH are proofread according to the dual control principle to ensure a very high translation quality.

As a translation service provider, we are also responsible under the ISO 17100 standard for ensuring that employees receive continuous training.

Qualität bei der Übersetzung

This is what we translate

We are specialized in

Localization into 70 languages

Selection from the languages we offer

Five good reasons
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