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Translation agency with quality guarantee

Technical translations in over 70 languages

D.O.G. GmbH, a translation agency that focuses on quality and technologies. With nearly a quarter of a century of experience, many specialized translators for various language combinations and fields of expertise, we can help you achieve your goals.

Whether you want to reduce translation costs, shorten translation turnaround times, automate information processes, enter new markets, or launch new products, we are here to help you and provide innovative solutions.

Certified translation agency with technologies and expertise

We have special solutions and experts for these services

D.O.G Express-Service Nutzen

Express translations

In urgent cases, our rush translation service will support you. We take your request seriously and guarantee you fixed delivery dates.

Übersetzungsbüro für technische Dokumentation

Technical translation

Translate technical documentation Technical translations Reduce costs using CAT tools or machine translation Use of standard programs such as Across, Trados Computer-aided quality assurance with...

Website übersetzen Leistung

Website translation

Translation of websites We translate your website Automation through connection to your CMS Website localization by native speakers in target countries Fast implementation through the...


Terminology Management

Terminology management in all languages Our terminology services for you Terminology extraction from your texts and TMs Translation of terminology into the desired languages Regular...

Maschinelle Übersetzung Leistung

Machine translation

Machine translation Translation agency with AI experience Machine translation + post-editing Translations according to DIN ISO 17100 and DIN ISO 18587 Optimization of training data...

Asien Kompetenzzentrum

Asia Competence Center

Translation agency for Asia Technical translators for Chinese, Japanese, Korean Technical translations to and from Asian languages Translation of documentation, websites, contracts Interpreting services for...

Translation agency for your industry
Specialized translations for these sectors (excerpt)


We develop software ourselves and know what is important in localization. Specialized translators with IT expertise translate your software and manuals into 70 languages

Transport and logistics

Our focus is on fast and affordable translations in the field of logistics and transport. We have specialized translators and project managers for this.

Machinery and plant engineering

Translations for machinery and plant engineering have a long tradition with us. We use professional translators with technical specialization in over 70 languages.


Translations for the agricultural industry are one of our specialties. This is testified by many satisfied customers. Upon request, we offer machine translations with post-editing.

Banks and insurances

Translations by professional translators, financial specialists, lawyers. We attach great importance to quality and offer efficient and fast processing via our customer portal.

Software products derived from our daily practice
Software products of the D.O.G. GmbH translation agency

Whenever our employees had a problem to solve and couldn’t find a suitable software on the market, we developed our own solution. You can profit from this as well.

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Translation in all languages
We translate into all languages
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Efficient project management via our customer portal

Integrated solution for your translation management

If you need translations on a regular basis, our free customer portal is the ideal solution for you. You log in and enter your orders in the customer portal. There, automatic workflows take over project management. Nevertheless, our project managers retain control. You have an overview of ongoing projects or your inquiries at any time and can receive various evaluations or reports.

The standardization and centralization of processes and resources brings cost and time benefits. A central translation memory and terminology database ensure that the same language is used for all translations and that as many existing translations as possible are reused

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Training courses
Get the benefit of many years of know-how and improve your skills

Learn the latest developments and techniques in technical writing, translation and terminology in our training courses. Our experienced instructors will provide you with the knowledge you need to develop and achieve more in these areas. Take advantage of this opportunity to deepen your expertise and develop professionally.

Questions about our translation agency and services
How do you calculate the translation cost?

Most often, the number of words to be translated in the source language is taken as a basis and multiplied by a word price. When determining the translation volume, repetitions in the text are taken into account, because the same sentence does not need to be translated twice. For regular orders, the translations are stored in a database (translation memory). If a new text contains sentences that have already been translated, this is also taken into account in the calculation.

What distinguishes D.O.G. GmbH?

In a way, many reputable translation providers have a few things in common. They translate specialized texts into different languages, implement recognized quality standards and offer reasonable prices. Some of the factors that set D.O.G. GmbH apart are:

  • The holistic perspective: We always have the long-term customer relationship and the interest of our customers in mind.
  • Innovation. We have always been interested in new technologies to improve existing processes and developed new technologies long before many others. Our ErrorSpy quality assurance software was the first commercial product of its kind on the market in 2003.
Is machine translation risky?

Machines are not intelligent, but they are very good and fast at computing. Neural machine translation systems are based on AI and are able to translate larger texts quickly. A large part of the translations is acceptable or even good, but a small part is faulty and sometimes contains consequential errors. Therefore, machine translation (MT) is not suitable for all texts and should usually be used only in conjunction with post-editing by qualified proofreaders.

How quickly can you adapt to a new customer?

One important reason why companies are not so keen to change service providers is that it already takes a lot of time and work until the service provider has become familiar and works the way they need it to. But sometimes a change is necessary and the legitimate question is: How much work do you have to invest until the cooperation works perfectly?
We have developed processes and procedures over many years to reduce the learning curve to a minimum. We know exactly what are the most important points to focus on. We inform ourselves in detail about our customers’ activities and products. We record the most important specifications for handling commercial transactions, data formats, data exchange, language variants, terminology and much more in our system so that all employees involved know what needs to be done. We extract terminology from reference materials such as previous translations or translation memories to ensure that the correct translations are used immediately. We also store all communication, answers to translators’ questions and the like, so we don’t have to ask the same questions twice. Finally, we encourage online or face-to-face meetings during the first months of collaboration to get feedback on our work and implement any suggestions for improvement.

What can the client do to reduce translation costs?

There are some measures a client can take to reduce translation costs. Here are some examples:

  1. Standardize and optimize the source text:short sentences, avoid filler words, consistent style, consistent terminology.
  2. Working with an content management system:Documentations are divided into modules or information elements in order to reuse them in as many documents as possible. Once translated, modules do not need to be translated again.
  3. Have translation memory software be used for your projects.Existing translations are reused and reduce the amount of text to be translated.
  4. Test the possibility of machine translation with post-editing
What is meant by a full-service translation agency?

A full-service translation agency is a translation company that offers a comprehensive range of services in the field of languages and translations. These include the translation of various types of texts, technical editing of files in different formats such as videos, software, desktop publishing or graphics.
Usually, such a translation agency covers the most common language combinations and has specialized translators for a large number of subject areas.
In addition to pure translation services, such a translation agency also offers terminology services and other language-related services.
Services offered by a full-service translation agency include translation of websites, marketing materials, technical documentation, legal documents, medical texts and patent specifications.
The goal of a full-service translation agency is to provide its clients with a single point of contact for all translation needs in order to save time and resources.

Michael Gipperich - Kontaktperson

Our translation agency is here to help you

Our goal is to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Whether you have a single project or are looking for a long-term partner, talk to us. We have a comprehensive range of services and solutions that you can benefit from. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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