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D.O.G. GmbH works with Trados Studio, among others. Trados was the first translation memory system used by D.O.G. GmbH when it was founded in 1999. We used Trados to prepare translation projects and our customers were able to significantly reduce their costs by reusing existing translations. This was not a widespread practice at that time.

We therefore have a long tradition of working with Trados and can say with a clear conscience that we know Trados technology in our sleep. Over the years, we have built up a large base of qualified professional translators from various fields and specialties who work with Trados Studio.

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What is Trados Studio?

Trados was one of the first CAT tools to appear on the market. Few users may know that the name was actually an acronym for “TRAnslation for DOS”. Today, the Trados website claims to have more than 270,000 professional translators using its technology.

Trados Studio belongs to the family of translation memory technologies or CAT tools. It shares with other applications the basic principle of translation memories : Trados Studio stores each translation as a sentence pair (source and translation) in a database. Besides a perfect match (Perfect Matches) between a stored sentence and a sentence in a document, there are also fuzzy matches (Fuzzy Matches), when new sentences differ by a few words from the stored sentence. For this purpose Trados Studio uses various match categories. Such categories can be found in all translation memory systems available on the market under different names.

The GroupShare version of Trados is intended for working in teams and includes several features that support this collaboration.


Project management with Trados

Trados has a module for project management: Trados Business Manager. This module contains many functions for the management of translations. With Trados Business Manager, it is possible to integrate and automate the entire translation process, from placing the order to delivering the translations and updating the translation memories in different languages.

As a translation agency, we use different CAT technologies such as Across, Trados Studio or MemSource, depending on the customer’s needs, so we don’t want separate isolated solutions for production management. After all, sometimes the same translators work on Across or Trados projects, or some customers have one department that works with Across and another that prefers Trados or MemSource.

This is why we decided to integrate Trados via an API into our customer portal and order management system. It is important to us to centralize the management of all projects and to use the integration functions of our order management system for this purpose. This means that all the functions that simplify the processing of projects are integrated in a single interface. The analysis of files, the division of projects into packages for different work steps and languages, the updating of translation memories and the recording of data for service invoicing are thus controlled in a central location.


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Terminologie Einsatz

Our translation process with Trados Studio

We receive our projects through various channels, depending on how the cooperation with our clients has been agreed upon: via email exchange as a simple file, as an order via our customer portal, as a finished Trados Studio project on a client’s FTP server, and some other variants.

Some clients work with Trados’ WorldServer. We receive finished Trados Studio-compatible projects, which we pass on to our regular translators and deliver back the same way after quality control.

Once the job is created in the customer portal, a standardized workflow is chosen depending on how complex the project is: number of languages, validation of the translation by foreign branches of the customer or not, testing of localized web pages, etc. The regular translators are automatically contacted and the work packages are automatically passed on to the next person in the workflow as soon as a task is completed. In this way, we ensure process reliability and reduce administrative overhead.

Quality assurance

Before returning the translation to us, the translators perform a quality check using the quality assurance functions of Trados Studio. This can be used, for example, to check compliance with the specified terminology or the accuracy of figures.

When the translation is complete, our revisers carry out a quality control check in accordance with the DIN EN 17100 standard. Our revisers use our own ErrorSpy quality assurance software for this purpose, which offers even more extensive checking options.

Terminologieextraktion statistisches Verfahren
Übersetzungsgerechte Terminologie


In Trados Studio, the terminology database Multiterm is integrated. Multiterm is widely used in the translation industry due to its Trados integration and provides translators with good support.

But by default, D.O.G. GmbH works with its own development LookUp, a terminology management system that is compatible with Multiterm and contains a whole range of additional functions. We have developed a LookUp plugin for Trados Studio 2017 so that translators can access LookUp terminology directly. Otherwise, we export ready-made Multiterm dictionaries from LookUp with a mouse click. The export takes only a few minutes and translators thus get the current state of terminology before they start a translation.

Which file formats can be translated with Trados?

Information is stored in very different formats. In addition to the Microsoft Office product family (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), there are the popular desktop publishing systems such as InDesign or FrameMaker. Then there are various XML-based formats, such as XML, XLIFF, HTML and many more. Trados supports in version 2022 more than 50 different formats. In addition, custom filters can be defined with the help of a wizard to separate text and formatting information.

How expensive are Trados translations?

The cost of the work performed by the translator and the reviewer remains virtually the same, regardless of whether Trados, Across or no tool is used. As a rule, it is a price per translated word. Translation agencies such as D.O.G. GmbH offer word prices that include the translation itself and quality assurance based on the dual control principle. Trados contributes to lower prices by reducing the amount of words or formatting work. The very good filters for different file formats make reformatting of the translation unnecessary in many cases. The extensive configuration options for using existing translations from the translation memory contribute to a significant reduction in costs.


Can Trados Studio also translate automatically?

With Trados Studio it is possible to combine human translation and machine translation. As long as the same or similar sentences exist in the translation memory, the translator can reuse an existing translation from the translation memory. If no match is available, he receives a suggestion from a machine translation system, which he can adopt and adapt. This requires an authorization key for the respective machine translation system. Several systems such as DeepL, Google Translate or Amazon Translate can be used in Trados Studio via API keys. More information about this can be found on the Trados website (www.trados.com).

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Our Trados translators, qualification and training

The Trados Studio translators of D.O.G. GmbH have the necessary linguistic and professional qualifications, as specified in the standard DIN EN 17100. Our adherence to these specifications is verified by repeated audits.

Many of these translators have attended courses to familiarize themselves with the latest features and capabilities of Trados. This makes sense, because Trados offers an enormous amount of configuration options and productivity features. The Trados ecosystem is particularly interesting, with many intelligent add-on programs offered by individual developers or companies (for free or for a fee).

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