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What is LookUp?

LookUp is a web-based terminology management system allowing you to manage your terminology in a central location. Authorised users can access your terminology via the Internet or your Intranet. Users can also be authorised to edit terminology.

User authorisations

You can assign different user authorisations for each language: read only, edit, comment, export, import, administrator. Users responsible for a language can receive notifications if existing entries have been changed or new entries created.

Flexible data model

Format your terminology entries exactly as you wish. You can define as many fields as you need, such as status, definition, source of terms, illustrations or individual attributes. The terminology database is concept-based, which means that you can assign multiple terms (i.e. designations) to a single concept (such as ‘application’, ‘program’, ‘tool’, ‘software’, etc.). This enables you to control how these terms are used by entering a recommendation for their use (such as ‘allowed’, ‘prohibited’, or ‘preferred’).

Knowledge module

LookUp incorporates a unique knowledge module allowing you to leverage even more benefits from your terminology. Terms are the building blocks of knowledge. In the same way as the human brain, LookUp links terms together with the help of user-definable connections, thereby generating knowledge. Here are just some of the possible applications:

  • Bundling products and services to optimise sales
  • Providing intelligent assistance to your technical support teams by highlighting relationships between problems and causes
  • Optimising your documentation by linking knowledge to key terms, for example, with reference to standards or hazards.

Developing ontologies

Ontologies present knowledge of a specific field in machine-readable form. They are required for many projects as part of digitalisation, such as for the Internet of Things (IoT). However, it takes time to develop ontologies. What's more, ontologies have linguistic weaknesses, are often only available in one language and are not always compatible with one another because classes or instances use different naming conventions and structures.

LookUp gives you a clear time advantage. LookUp data provides the input required for IoT-compatible and semantically enhanced ontologies. This is implemented as a type of in-house crowd-sourcing task by your employees.

Main features and benefits at a glance

  • Central, company-wide terminology management
  • Access via the Internet or the Intranet
  • Different levels of user authorisation
  • Unlimited flexibility in defining the data model
  • Update and enter terminology quickly
  • Amendments log and automatic notification of changes
  • Several export and import formats (CSV, TBX, Multiterm, etc.)
  • Workflow module
  • Knowledge module
  • Fixed price or rental solution (SaaS)

Integration options

  • LookUp is integrated in the quality assurance programs ErrorSpy and ErrorSpy for authors.
  • With the help of an API, you can access LookUp data directly from other systems.
  • Knowledge module
  • Integration in SDL Studio and MemoQ is currently in development.


Prices incl.Monthly: € 30Monthly: € 180Monthly: € 450
maintenance(annually: € 300)*(annually: € 1800)*(annually: € 4500)*
Activating the appnoyesyes
Number of dictionaries1unlimitedunlimited
Number of custom fieldsunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Rights (import, export, editing)allallall
* All prices are exclusive of statutory value-added tax.   

Support and help

LookUp is an extremely powerful tool. However, we won’t leave you to get to grips with its extensive functions unassisted. We provide an online familiarisation service guiding you through the various menus and functions. We are also on hand at any time to answer any subsequent questions.

Interested? Test access

Have we awakened your interest? Then contact us to arrange test access to the system. You can then try LookUp free of charge for one month. Should you choose not to introduce our solution at the end of the trial period, your data will not be lost. You can export it as a TBX or CSV file and continue to use it.

Terminology services

D.O.G. has many years of experience in the area of terminology management. We can help you with all aspects of your terminology work, ranging from synonym searches and multi-lingual terminology extraction all the way to workshops at which we draw up your concept. We can help you to define a data model quickly and affordably. We will also assist with migrating your existing terminology data. Further information is available in our data sheet, which you can download here .