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LookUp is a web-based terminology management system you can use to manage your terminology in a central location. Authorised users can gain access to your terminology via the Internet or on your Intranet, or if they have the required rights. 

Flexible data model

You can design your terminology entries exactly as you want. You can define as many fields as you need. These could include status, definition, source, an illustration or particular attributes. The terminology database is concept-based, i.e. you can assign several different words to an individual concept.

Knowledge module

LookUp is a knowledge-based terminology management system. The optional knowledge module connects concepts and terms using individually definable relations. This knowledge-rich terminology can e.g. be used by ontologies. That in turn opens the doors for innovative and intelligent solutions such as:

  • Optimising sales by bundling products and services
  • Intelligent support for your Technical Support by pointing out relationships between problems and causes
  • Optimisation of your documentation by linking know-how with key terms, for example in reference to standards or hazards.