Translation quality

 Translation quality​ 

Translation quality

Quality already played an important role in our strategy when D.O.G. was founded. What we identified as the central challenge back then is now widespread reality. Texts and translations are now generated on an industrial scale: Texts are modularized and are stored in databases such as PIM systems or content management systems and are reused and reassembled as required. The same applies to translations that are partially generated from the contents of translation memory systems. In addition, translations now also come from machine translation systems.

The information that the end user receives is therefore often a patchwork of different sources, created at different times and with the help of different authors and translators. One of the biggest challenges in technical documentation is to ensure that all parties involved use consistent terminology.

Our quality assurance technologies

This prompted us to develop our quality assurance software ErrorSpy in 2003. It was the first commercial quality assurance software for translations. Since then, we have been continuously developing ErrorSpy and adding new functions to reliably detect and correct translation errors.


Our services for you

We check various aspects of the translation, including

Linguistic aspects:

  • Correct grammar and spelling.
  • Compliance with terminology.
  • Equivalence of terms in foreign languages.
  • Adaptation to country-specific customs, typography, correct sentence structure.

Technical and content aspects:

  • Technical correctness of the translated content.
  • Correctness of the numbers and the number format.
  • Text comprehension. For this purpose, we have engineers, lawyers, medical doctors, programmers and other specialists at our disposal.

Technical and content aspects:

  • Links, coding of special characters, text length, program version.

The D.O.G. quality concept

We do not simply claim that our translations are perfect. We have developed a system for this because quality is no coincidence. Over a period of more than 20 years, we have established and refined a pragmatic and efficient quality procedure that has proven its worth. You can profit from it and rely on it:
  • Our technical translators possess verified qualifications. They are not an anonymous mass of applicants who have at some point filled in a form but have all been selected based on their qualifications and are subject to ongoing reviews.
  • For regular customers, we always use the same translators who are familiar with the specific requirements of that customer.
  • Our project managers are linguists who are familiar with the specific linguistic and technical requirements of translation production.
  • We proofread all translations according to the dual-control principle. Our reviser are experienced translators themselves.
  • We develop multilingual terminology for our regular customers and can therefore guarantee the consistent use of your special domain terminology.
  • We use our quality assurance software ErrorSpy for support.
  • We are certified according to the ISO 17100 standard and have developed procedures to ensure that all translations are of consistent D.O.G. quality. From English, French and Spanish to Chinese or all other languages!


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