Academic Partner Programme

 Academic Partner Programme​ 

The Academic Programme of D.O.G. GmbH

Terminology occupies an important place in most courses of study for technical writers, translators or related professions.

With its academic programme, D.O.G. Dokumentation ohne Grenzen GmbH would like to give universities and colleges the opportunity to use a field-tested and innovative terminology management system in class under special conditions.

The Cloud-Based Terminology Management System LookUp

LookUp is a next-generation, intelligent, cloud-based terminology management system with a knowledge module. With LookUp, users can record, manage and provide their terminology. LookUp is term-oriented, i.e. synonymous designations are combined under a common term.

LookUp allows you to freely design your data model and has a variety of functions and features that make working with terminology easier: extensive import and export formats, creation of user groups with different rights, an advanced search function or an efficient filter function.

Knowledge can be generated through individual relations. In this way, the terms university – teacher – teaching – degree – student can be linked with relations such as “leads_to”, “is_part_of” and so on. The graphical concept maps that can be created with LookUp are an efficient tool for students in class.

LookUp is used by technical writers, technical translators and knowledge workers. It has an API for integration with other applications and can be used in conjunction with SDL Studio or MemoQ. 

LookUp for the Classroom

LookUp offers instructors many options for teaching:

  • Via the role administration, lecturers as administrators can create groups and assign rights to these groups: reading, commenting, importing and exporting. They can also determine which information is visible.
  • Students can work together or individually to build up terminology or knowledge on a specialist topic.
  • With the workflow feature, you can automatically assign tasks (e.g., finding equivalents in a foreign language or creating definitions) and track the progress of your students’ work.
  • Concept maps can be used to process and graphically represent knowledge about class topics.

The Academic Programme of D.O.G. GmbH

D.O.G. GmbH would like to support universities in their knowledge and terminology work and offers the following conditions:

  • Discount of 50% on the list prices. There is no minimum usage period and usage can be terminated at any time at the end of a usage month. We recommend the premium version with prices of 225.- Euro per month or 2,250.- Euro per year (corresponds to 50% of the list price as part of the academic programme).
  • Students can use LookUp for their own projects via the university license.
  • One free month for the instructor to prepare the class.
  • A free webinar to introduce you to the features of LookUp.
  • Free support for two designated contact persons (e.g. administrator and lecturer).

Additionally, we support lecturers with didactic material upon request:

  • A sample dictionary in LookUp
  • Suggestions for the design of lessons
  • Exercise examples


Questions can be sent to education(at) at any time.

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