LookUp-Connector for Trados Studio

 LookUp-Connector for Trados Studio​ 

LookUp-Connector for Trados Studio

Integration of LookUp in Trados Studio (formerly SDL Trados Studio)

A connector, as the name suggests, connects two independent programs.

The LookUp-Connector for Trados Studio allows access to the terminology managed in LookUp.

Access to current, company-wide terminology.

Changes as well as new terminology can be added directly in Trados Studio which are automatically transferred to LookUp.

Simultaneous access by different users possible, all users are up to date with the latest vocabulary.

Time saved by translators or revisors due to increased productivity.

An export from terminology systems is no longer necessary.

LookUp is directly integrated into Trados Studio via the connector.

Login with the usual username and password.

For customers who run their own LookUp server, a Rest API is also installed.

The LookUp-Connector for Trados Studio is provided free of charge.

At least SDL Trados Studio 2019 is needed.

Windows 10

Trados Studio and the LookUp terminology platform.

LookUp must be purchased separately or access to it is required.

The connector supports the German language.

No, because Trados Studio does not support the functionality of the Knowledge Module.

Yes, for machine translations (MT) the connector supports the work of post-editors, i.e. those who revise (post-edit) the automatic translation.

The LookUp-Connector is particularly suitable for this purpose, ensuring that the post-editor correctly uses the technical terms or terminology agreed with you as the customer.

User interface of the LookUp-Connector

Figure 1: User interface of the LookUp-Connector in Trados Studio (formerly SDL Trados Studio)


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