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 LookUp Rental and Purchase Prices​ 

LookUp Rental and Purchase Prices

LookUp modules (descriptions)

Statistics module

Use the LookUp Statistics Module to draw up statistical evaluations and therefore increase the benefit of your terminology work.

Your benefit:

  • Identify the extent to which the translations are matched for each entry and language.
  • Determine frequently searched entries and translations.
  • Quickly find and add lacking entries and translations.

Knowledge module

Thanks to the Knowledge Module, LookUp can be extended to create a terminology administration system packed with knowledge. It facilitates the creation of relations between entries in the database and the graphic representation of such relations.

Your benefit:

  • Define relations individually.
  • Create relations with terms or designations.
  • Create pairs of designations: Terms have one or more designations. With this module you can assign the designation of one language to the designation of another language.
  • Import and export relations.

Workflow module

Use the LookUp Workflow Module to automate terminology processes.

This is achieved by allocating tasks (individually or in groups) with a scheduled completion date.

Your benefit:

  • Fill the database faster by way of co-operative terminology work (the entry updates are immediately visible for all users).
  • Those with responsibility for terminology are at all times aware of the current implementation status.
  • Subsequent corrections can be avoided by way of faster completion.


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