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Technical translations

Professional technical translations with your specialist terminology

D.O.G. GmbH is your specialist for professional technical translations. Whether new translations or update translations (e.g. updates of operating manuals due to new technical specifications), we take over the complete handling of your translation projects.

In doing so, we ensure that your technical translations are not only correct in terms of language, but also in terms of content and subject matter, and that they are proofread according to the dual control principle.

Translators specialized in technology

Reliability and quality are no coincidence. Behind this are a team, technologies and a processing method that guarantees you optimal processing of your projects at fair prices. Over 20 years of translation work with a focus on technology as well as very satisfied customers (see D.O.G. references) are proof that you can rely on us.

The production of high-quality technical translations is very demanding and therefore requires extensive specialist knowledge and knowledge of the technical jargon customary in the industry. Translators who are not familiar with sensors, probes, encoders, transducers or converters will most likely not use the correct translation in their native language. That's why we at D.O.G. have a rigorous and proven qualification process for selecting our expert translators!

The quality standards for technical translations

In today's globally connected world with strict legal requirements, technical translations must be translated error-free in a short period of time so that no legal problems arise. We work in accordance with the ISO 17100 quality standard, which ensures that translators have the necessary prior experience and professional training. Our translators translate into their respective native languages and have been working for us for many years, some even since the company was founded over 20 years ago.


Translation services we frequently perform are:

  • Technical documentation
  • Machine software texts
  • Operating instructions
  • Data sheets
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Article master data
  • Websites
  • Training material

For many years, we have been providing translations for the following industries regularly:

  • Mechanical engineering, automation technology, conveying technology
  • Measurement and control technology, electronics, telecommunications
  • Software
  • Medical technology, pharmaceuticals
  • Chemistry
  • Legal
  • Finances, contracts, patents
  • Food industry
  • Energy
  • Trade
  • Logistics

In addition, we are constantly expanding our team of specialist translators, in particular to cover new technical topics. Please contact us, we will consult with you in detail!

Our approach to technical translations

Each company develops innovative products and processes and describes them using its own language and terminology. This is another reason why we attach great importance to long-term cooperation.

Before starting cooperation, we evaluate available information and documents in order to be familiar with the specifics of your company as soon as possible. We have standard procedures for this and also use our own technologies to help us achieve a quick overview. In this way, we can assure you a very short induction period.

We ask questions about unclear points during projects and record the knowledge we receive from you in our terminology management system LookUp, which we also use as a knowledge database. This means that your company's collection of terminology and knowledge about its products is built up centrally.

Technical translation also means terminology work

In English technical language there is very often more than one way to name a term: control panel, operating panel or control console. This is also the case in other languages, such as German: Bedienpult, Bedienungspult or Steuerpult? Systematic terminology work is necessary to avoid incorrect translations and to ensure consistent terminology in all languages.

Terminology work is also community work. We are convinced that all those involved in the creation, processing and distribution of information can combine their know-how and benefit. For this reason, we offer our customers the opportunity to work together on the development of terminology and to enter the terminology into our web-based system LookUp. Definitions, illustrations and translations are then available to all.

In today's era of digitization and AI systems, terminology is also used by machines. Here you can profit from our unique relation-based terminology system. This system can share data with your AI applications to provide semantic information about keywords, for example.

Directly from your editorial system

Whether you use TIM-RS, Schema ST4, COSIMA, GDS docuglobe, among other editorial systems, or one of the many DTP systems such as InDesign or FrameMaker, we deliver technically and linguistically flawless files that you can use with your system.



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